WDTIP application is a mission critical statewide automated system that provides a communication mechanism and central data repository accessed by all technology-enabled counties and other relevant agency systems. This system enables all 58 California counties to accurately track individual’s time on aid information to meeting the requirements of both state and federal Welfare Reform. WDTIP also provides online screens that give counties the ability to view data, and perform inquiry and online updates. In summary, WDTIP provides the following fundamental benefits to all 58 counties:

  • Satisfaction of federal and state mandates for tracking time on aid in accordance with the federal Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) Act;
  • Providing a statewide view of a welfare recipient's time on aid information
  • Prevention and early detection of welfare fraud by reducing or eliminating duplicate services to a single recipient across counties;
  • Simplification of the inter-county exchange of welfare case information;
  • Integration and centralization of statewide individual and program data;
  • Correct delivery of welfare services and reduction or elimination of duplicate services to a single recipient across counties.